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Healing Spectrum And More
This Is Your Chance To Make A Difference In Your Life And Others. As a Healing Spectrum And More partner, you will accelerate our mission to promote self empowerment and well being on this planet by spreading the word about our leading edge self help products and courses and earn big commissions doing so.
What If There Was A Faster And Easier Way Towards Health & Happiness?
Healing Spectrum And More was founded by Annindita Palaus with the sole vision of bringing empowerment to the world one person at a time through transformational courses, workshops and webinars. At Healing Spectrum And More, it is our passion, our purpose and our highest excitement to work with those who share our vision for making our world a little brighter everyday.

If the area of personal development and self help inspires you then here is the good news. You will be glad to know that the demand for personal growth products have gone sky high over the last decade with an estimated $60 billion industry worldwide and together we can get a nice share of that pie.

Hence the commencement of our affiliate partnership program to team up with brilliant, like minded people from all over the world who are wanting to spread empowerment and add to their current earnings at the same time. Our affiliate program meets the top 4 criteria for your success.
The 4 Tools That Every Successful Affiliate Partner Needs
High Quality
All our digital products have been tried and tested by hundreds of our happy students all over the world and their testimonies is what inspired us to start partnering with those who love what we have to offer. Some of the reviews are on our websites for you to read. Our digital programs offer variety and caters to different segments of people having different needs and goals in life.
Accurate and User
Friendly Sign
Up And Tracking
Our platform for affiliates is Backpack, which is known for its user friendly and simple to use interface that makes it super easy for you to track real time as to how you are doing in terms of your promotions and earning commissions.
High Commissions
And Paid On Time
We share 40% of every sale with our affiliate partners and pay out is made on time, every time. This is ensured by automating the entire affiliate tracking and payment process so that their is no place for human errors or manual delays. Not only that, we also reward the exceptional affiliate partners by providing them additional perks and benefits. We provide all our partners with cookies that lasts for 90 days and operate on a last cookie basis.
Add On
Affiliate Tools
We provide great customer service and a 30 day no questions asked 100% money back guaranty to ensure buyers try the product out at no risk. We also have valuable and inspiring content to email to your list for each product campaign to keep your list engaged and active. Plus, we are constantly looking for new and improved ways to enhance our customers' experience and help our partners increase their click-through rates and sales.
Do You See Yourself As Our Partner?
We are always looking for enthusiastic people who have a passion for spreading self empowerment and have an online presence and/or an active list of contacts to whom you can promote our programs to. It creates a win-win-win situation as we share 40% of our profits with you every time you share our personal growth products with your friends and family and they decide to invest in their personal devlopment. 
The 3 Key Things That We Are Looking For
Nature Of Your Online Presence
We are looking for people who are active at least in one of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
An Established List Of Followers/Contacts
We prefer working with people who have a list of contacts with whom they can share our program details with. It could be friends and family or clients from your own personal practice of any sort.
A Passion For Personal and Spiritual Development
Since all our programs are about personal growth, we prefer to work with our own students who have taken at least one of Annindita's programs/workshops and are passionate about self empowerment.
Think You Have What It Takes?
Then click on the Apply Now button below. Already a partner? Then click here to log in. If you are interested in becoming our partner and want more details, check out our FAQs below.
Q: How much can I earn promoting your products?
You can earn up to 40% of the sales that you generate. There is no limit on how much you can earn through your affiliate commissions. 
Q: Is there a minimum criteria that needs to be met for receiving payments?
Commissions are paid weekly after the 45 day holding period to compensate for refunds and/or charge-backs as long as there is a minimum of $50 earned. Commission cannot be paid without us having a tax form on file for you.
Q: Do you have a referral program or second level affiliate system in place?
Our 2-tiered affiliate commission platform pays you 5% commission on everything anyone you sign up promotes.
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